In a wall, in a tree, in the eaves of a roof...honeybees often look for new homes - and can pick yours!
Aside from the inconvenience (and discomfort) of sharing your home with a swarming insect,
honeybees can cause serious damage to your house, inside and out.
Poisoning a colony is never effective - it only results in a worse situation and bigger messes as the
dead bees decompose, attracting other pests.  The honey and wax melting down, the interior walls can
become stained and damaged.
This costs homeowners both time and money to repair the damage. And unfortunately, most pest control
companies will not remove honeybees.
They'll make a home of anything, here's a cable service can.
Loving those trees!!!
Here is a good example of what happens when a wall is not insulated even after a colony was removed in the section to the left the year earlier.
Here's a classic, IN A TREE!!!
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Surviving Honey Bees as a Pest
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